About the Artist

My passion for drawing, sculpture, and watercolor painting started at an early age. These natural artistic inclinations as well as my problem solving and design skills can be fully utilized when applied to beautifying interior spaces. My specialty is textured architectural and "faux" finishes, which use paint, plaster and wax to transform walls, ceilings, floors, fireplaces - even objects like chairs or tables. These techniques allow me to utilize traditional art media and also new cutting edge materials to create stunning results in any home, office or business.

I relish the challenge of applying a complimentary finish that makes a room come alive, from a fresh contemporary look to an Old World reproduction. To accomplish this, I look carefully at the interplay between elements of color, scale, proportion, texture, and natural light to design surfaces that are truly unique. Surface color that has been "distressed" - as opposed to flat, opaque color - is more flattering and brings more depth and space to a room and its furnishings. Also the custom finishes bring a personal touch to the room - not unlike the art on our walls. If you'd like to find out what could be created in your spaces, please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation.

--Sherri Gibson