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The products we use are both beautiful and Eco-friendly, many qualifying for LEED certification. From lime based Italian plasters to simple clay or Japanese inspired (Shizen) cork bark and sea shell based natural materials, most are very low VOC or VOC free. Many of these products actually have the ability to absorb harmful VOCs from the air! There are a variety of choices in look, texture and color to create uncommon warmth and natural beauty with superior durability and longevity, while enhancing a healthy environment for all to live and work in. No matter what type of product you chose, I will work with you, bringing that artistic eye for color and design, to the creative process. We will use our knowledge and imagination to artistically and skillfully create the ambiance you have in mind for your rooms. Every finish is one of a kind; a work of art in itself.

There are many dazzling styles of wall finishes available now, from basic faux painting, colorwashing, and sophisticated stencils to European plasters, metallic waxes, and synthetic textured coatings. All of these can be used to create unique, personal touches in homes and businesses, not unlike the special pieces of fine art we choose to hang on our walls. Even minor projects can completely change the mood of a room. Whether your preferred décor is contemporary or more traditional, our expertise with the modern materials can bring the illusion of Italian stucco or smooth Venetian plaster - even the zing of contemporary color - into your spaces.

Please browse the gallery of recent projects to view our work using these cutting-edge finishes. You will see examples of distressed Italian plaster, layered wax finishes, stenciled designs, tinted washes and metallic glazes skillfully applied to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and exteriors, creating fabulous effects that bring depth and beauty into any room.

We will happily work with your interior decorator, contractor, or directly with you. Let us provide you with a free basic consultation to get you started on the transformation of your home or business. The possibilities are endless!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sherri Gibson, Artist

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